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Our Investment Management Approach

How Investing Works with Sustainable Wealth Management

The Tenets that Guide Our Approach

Embrace market pricing, which reflects real-time information regarding the trades between buyers and sellers in the market.

Don’t outguess the market — only a very small percentage of US equity mutual and fixed income funds have outperformed their benchmarks over the past 20 years.

Us-Based Mutual Funds Performance from 2000 to 2019

Avoid chasing past performance, as it rarely reflects what your future returns will be.

Percentage of Top-Ranked Funds That Stayed on Top

Let the markets work for you over the long-term. Historically, the markets have rewarded long-term investors. 

Growth of a Dollar, form 1926 to 2019

Understand what drives returns. Returns depend on market prices and expected future cash flows, and we can use this information to pursue higher returns.

Dimensions of Expected Returns

Diversify intelligently in both home markets and the global landscape in order to manage overall risk.

Home Market Index Portfolio and Global Market Index Portfolio

Don’t time the market because we can never know what market segments may outperform. Instead, we focus on a globally diversified portfolio.

Annual Returns by Market Index

Keep your emotions in check. We work closely with our clients to manage their emotions as the markets go up and down (which they always will do).

Avoid Reactive Investing

Look beyond headlines because they can make it hard to keep your emotions stable. Instead, remember the evidence—keep the long-term in mind.

Focus on what you can control. 

We’ll create a strategic investment portfolio based on evidence-based principles; otherwise, your success is based on staying disciplined through the market's dips and swings.

Source: Dimensional, Pursuing A Better Investment Experience.

Developing an Investment Plan

That Fits Your Needs

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