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Our planning process is always tailored to you. 

We offer the flexibility to meld with your lifestyle and fit your needs. 

Before we can carve a path forward, we need to understand where you’d like to go and if we’re a good fit. We always like to have a preliminary conversation before starting our process with you, so we can see if our offerings match what you’re looking for.


We offer the flexibility to meld with your lifestyle and fit you needs. Vancouver, WA Sustainable Wealth Management

The process might be a little different for you depending on what you need, but our guiding framework looks like this:


In this introductory meeting, we’ll get to know you better by talking through your goals, defining your priorities, and understanding your current circumstances. This will lay the groundwork for our team to craft a plan for you.


After getting to know you, your responsibilities and what you hope to accomplish, we’ll put together a detailed plan and investment recommendations.


Together, we’ll go over the suggestions and plan we’ve developed for you. We’ll answer any questions you have and can explore all alternative options as well. Once we’ve finalized the strategy, we’ll put it into place.

Dedicated Financial Partner Vancouver, WA Sustainable Wealth Management

We’re here as your dedicated partner, so we’ll keep reassessing.

Creating a living and breathing plan for your money is at the core of what we do. Through regular check-ins and meetings, we’ll continually reassess your financial goals, make adjustments, and provide guidance for anything else you need.

It all begins with a conversation.


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